The best plastic material for the ID cards

Today plastic is commonly used not only for your office equipment but almost everywhere. Even the new tax id is now being made of plastic. Maybe even new cars will be made completely of plastic in the future, who knows? Now the scientists manage to produce more and more durable plastic materials that may almost resemble metal, but which of them would we better used for the actual ID cards?

This question is quite uneasy. Obviously, each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, and its own price range. Making the IDs out of tantalum sheets would make them the most durable things on this earth, but making it so would be also quite unnecessary and costly. Plastic, on the other hand is usually quite cheap, and another advantage for ID making is that it could be easily printed upon.

I will now consider a number of different plastic materials, making particular notes when necessary:

This plastic, which is also called PVC is quite rigid. It could be easily used for piping needs, like for kitchen sinks or something, but it also has its disadvantages. In spite of its rigidity, its main disadvantage is brittleness. Indeed, if you hammer it with the right amount of force it won’t wait to crack up, really. Another disadvantage is that it has a shitty color, and its texture may not be very much suitable for printing. I don’t know, why on earth would anyone need to bang their IDs with hammers, but the printing difficulty would be enough to discourage from its massive use as an ID material.

Nylon is quite stretchy. You can even find women tights made of nylon. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad quality, but I really wouldn’t mind having a stretchy ID. This could also make it a very nice toy. For example, as an employee, you are often left waiting for your clients for like hours, and that time becomes pretty boring, especially if you got your smartphone on low bat. If you got a nylon ID though, you could play with it infinitely, folding it into different shapes and figures, without actually breaking it! Perhaps, I could even pay extra to have my IDs manufactured form this material. This would be something original and yet quite handy.

Rubber is another kind of plastic, but honestly, making rubber ID seems to be a bit overkill. Think of it, you reach to your pocket for your id to show it to your client, and it doesn’t even hold its shape. Really, as you would usually hold an ID with two fingers by the corner, making it so for a rubber ID would make it bend over, and if it bends over too much, the client wouldn’t be able to read it. It might be a cool thing to shove off, but to use it for the actual identification purposes would be equivalent to madness.

An affordable outsourcing solution for plastic ID cards would be!